Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Date: 28.03.2010

Smt..Vibha Puri Das
Department of Higher Education
Shasrti Bhawan,New Delhi

Respected Madam,

Greetings from All India Federation of University and college Teachers’ Organisations, the apex body of teachers associations of universities and colleges across the country.

We thank you once again for your continuous support to the cause of teachers in the higher education sector.

We also thank you so much for meeting the AIFUCTO delegation comprising of Prof.V.P.Singh and myself and discussing at length pending issues vital to the facile functioning of our institutions of higher education. We are thankfully appreciative of your keen desire to find solutions.

1. Delay in the notification of UGC regulations

We are extremely worried over the delay in the notification of UGC regulations without which the total implementation of the revised pay scales is not possible. New appointments are held up and Career Advancement is denied for want of notification of regulations These regulations with the final endorsement of the UGC have been under the active consideration of MHRD since January. It should be notified without further delay in the interest of higher education in our country.

2. Delay in the payment of Central Govt. share of revised pay scales to the States

You are aware that a number of states have implemented the pay scales. But the process of the payment of central government share is yet to begin. We request the MHRD to ensure expeditious payment of the Centre’s quantum immediately.

3.Implementation of AICTE pay scales for teachers in Govt. as well as private colleges throughout the country

The AIFFUCTO is much relieved to know that the teachers in engineering colleges are going to get revised AICTE scales thanks to the MHRD announcement. It is our position that all States must be advised to implement the order uniformly and without any dithering. The Self-financing college managements must be made to fall in line in implementing the new scales.

4.Anomaly of juniors getting more pay than seniors due to advance increments

In the MHRD Scheme dated 31-12-08 the benefit of three increments is given to teachers who acquire Ph.D. while in service. That is, those Associate Professors who are awarded Ph.D. after 01.01.2006 will get three increments in the Scale of 37,400-67,000. At the same time, such of those pre-2006 Ph.D. holders

1)who have not availed of any incentive for their Ph.D. in the existing Scheme and those

11) have availed Ph.D. incentive but which got merged subsequently during the fixation of Pay at Senior Scale/LSG/Reader in Rs 12,000 to Rs./14,940/-/18,300/- fixation and those who

111) have availed Ph.D. incentive and continued to get till the time of moving into Associate Professorship in PB-4

at the minimum of the Pay Band of 37,400-67,000 and IV those who got getting bunching benefits are all fixed at a lower pay than their juniors who acquire Ph.D. post-2006.

To rectify this anomaly, a clause should be introduced granting three advance increments for all those Ph.D. holders after fixing their scale in PB-4, irrespective of whether they have availed the incentive benefits or not.A provision can be made to adjust one bunching benefit, if obtained by certain teachers covered under (iii) category for their two Ph.D increments in the pre revised scheme..

To support this demand, we bring to your notice that in the earlier pay revision (27-7-98 notification) a specific clause was introduced under ‘incentive’ granting two advance increments for those Lecturers with Ph.D. when they moved into Selection Grade as Reader. At that time UGC further clarified that the two incentive increments can be availed even by those who have benefited by four incentive increments at the entry level. Introduction of a similar clause in 31-12-2008 notification alone can rectify this anomaly.



Teacher X

Teacher Y

Teacher Z

Year of appointment



Acquired Ph.D (X)

14,940/ fixation

Acquired Ph.D.(Y)

Pay as on 1.1.2006

Revised Pay on1.1.2006




1997(availed 2 increments

2000 and merged)



37,400 + 3 Bunching








37,400 + 4 bunching








37,400 + 3 Bunching

Note: If Teacher Z acquires Ph.D after 1.1.2006 his pay will be raised to 37,400 + 3 bunching and 3 increments. Hence Z gets more than X and Y. To rectify this anomaly 3 increments to teacher X and 2 increments to teacher Y ( after adjusting 1 bunching benefit he/she got for his/her 2 Ph.D. increments are to be sanctioned.

5. Anomalies in the 1996 pay revisions

In the last pay revision the new career advancement scheme was implemented from 22-07-98 instead of from 01-01-96. More over those who got career advancement between 01-01-96 and 27-07-98 were not paid 14940/-after 5 years in the SG scale.

Thus In the last pay revision , young college teachers were given a raw deal when new career advancement scheme was implemented from 22-07-98 instead of from 01-01-96. More over those who got career advancement between 01-01-96 and 27-07-98 were not paid even the higher start 14940/- on the specious plea that they were not SG Lecturers as ion 1.1.1996.

The Chadha committee noted the injury inflicted on this segment of teachers and recommended that this be rectified before fixation of pay in the revised scales of Pay.

The MHRD notification also directed the UGC to formulate necessary procedures in consultation with the MHRD.

The Kerala High Court directed that the CAS should be given from 1.1.1996 and those whose date of career advancement fell between 01-01-96 and 27-07-98 be placed in 14940/- five years after service as SG lecturer. In spite of all these interventions by MHRD and higher judiciary , this anomaly has not been rectified which has caused a lot of heart burn among young teachers. Hence we urge upon the MHRD to rectify this anomaly at the earliest

We draw your attention to these problems and request you to take appropriate steps as early as possible.

Thanking you,

Asok Barman

General Secretary