Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greetings of AIFUCTO to teachers of M.P. for strugle and victory

friends, pl read the circular of AIFUCTO wherein the General Secretary,AIFUCTO has shown his happiness over the victory of the struggling teachers of M.P. for revised pay scales:




Congratulations on the successful holding of Dharna in Juntar Muntar ,New Delhi on 19th March,2010.

Hundreds of AIFUCTO members from all over India gathered in Juntar Muntar on 19th March.2010, staged a vibrant dharna and took out a rally to Parliament.

The teachers demanded immediate notification of the UGC Regulations which has been pending with the MHRD for long though it went with the final endorsement of the UGC. The teachers have also been demanding the rectification of anomalies since the last pay revision. The teachers voiced their protest also over the non-implementation of UGC pay scales in Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya and Nagaland. There is also no uniformity in the payment of allowances and the age of retirement. The teachers demanded the MHRD to intervene effectively and solve the issues. The teachers were also worried that the Govt. of India has not paid to the States its commitment of 80% of the expenses incurred for the payment of the scales.

The teachers also voiced their protest over the ‘reforms’ initiated by the MHRD to permit Foreign Education Providers into India and also the move to create a new apex body, the National Commission for Higher Education and Research subsuming the existing apex bodies like the UGC, AICTE etc. AIFUCTO demands that wider consultations be held with all the stake holders before such reforms are brought in.

The General Secretary wrote letters to the Hon’ble Prime Minister,Minister,HRD, Secretary , Human Resouces and various political parties drawing their attention to the AIFUCTO demands.

Leaders of various political parties and central trade unions greeted the dharna which was inaugurated by Prof. K.K. Thekkadath, Prof. James William, President AIFUCTO and Prof. Asok Barman, Gen. Secretary, AIFUCTO., Prof. V.P Singh, Prof. Rabi Roy, Prof. Jaya Gandhi, Prof. Vazir Singh Nehra, Prof. Ganshyam Singh, Prof.Apurba Das,Prof.Chandramohan and other office bearers and leaders of State Organisations also addressed the gathering

I am very happy to inform you that the struggling teachers of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh achieved great victories as the governments in these two states have decided to implement the revised pay scales including the age of retirement of 65 years. Congratulations to the leadership of these states.

UGC regulations

UGC has finalised the regulations and sent the same to the MHRD for approval. We are in constant touch with MHRD to ensure a just and inclusive regulation at the earliest.

NCHER bill and foreign university

We have voiced our opposition to NCHER bill and indiscriminate entry of foreign universities. We demanded nation wide discussion on these extremely important issues.

General Secretaries meeting with UGC Chairman and Secretary on 20thFebruary,2010

General secretary met Prof.Thorat and discussed the pending issues. The delay in the notification of UGC regulations has been a major cause of concern and Prof.Thorat was requested to look into the matter. General Secretary requested him once again to extend the date for Refresher and Orientation courses, for want of which certification thousands of teachers are deprived of career advancement across the states.

General secretary’s meeting with MHRD officials on 20th February,2010

General Secretary held meetings with MHRD officials and submitted letters demanding notification of UGC regulations, solving anomalies in 1996 and 2006 pay scales and payment of central government share of revised pay scales.

Delhi program in March,2010

Following the decision of the AIFUCTO Secretariat ,General Secretary held meetings with eminent educationists and political personalities of Delhi and conveyed the AIFUCTO views on the pending problems of the teachers and the current issues like NCHER bill and entry of foreign universities in India. Extensive discussions were held with UGC Chairman and many academicians of Delhi University,JNU and JamiaMilia University.General secretary along with Prof.Nehera,Vice President and Prof.Kapoor Singh,Zonal Secretary, represented AIFUCTO in the meetings.

A meeting was held on 7th march,2010 in Delhi for ensuring successful Dharna program of 19th March.A number of AIFUCTO activists were present in the meeting.Prof.V.S Nehera and Prof. Kapoor Singh took the initiatives for all arrangements

AIFUCTO Meeting with Prof.S.K.Thorat,Chairman,UGC on 18th March.2010

Prof.James William,President, Prof.A.K.Barman,General Secretary,Prof Jaya Gandhi,National Secretary and Prof.V.K.Nehera,Vice president had a meeting with Prof.Thorat and re iterated the AIFUCTO demands and requested him once again to intervene to bring to an end to the present impasse regarding UGC regulations, anomalies and payment of arrears by the central government.The AIFUCTO team expressed the view that the entry of foreign universities will not help the country,on the contrary, there would be disturbing impact. A memorandum (Cf:AIFUCTO website )was submitted to him.

Meeting with Sm.Vibha Puri Das,Secretary, Higher Education,MHRD

General Secretary and Prof.V.P.Singh, National Secretary met Smt.Vibha Puri Das,Secretary, Higher Education, MHRD on 21st March,2010.They expressed deep concern at the delay in the notification of the UGC regulations and no response from the govt. Sm.Das was requested to find solutions to the anomalies of two successive pay revisions and non-payment of central govt.share of the revised pay scales of 2006.It was stated that the teachers are extremely agitated over the the issues and AIFUCTO demanded immediate solution to the long standing problems. Smt.Das promised to look into the matters on an urgent basis. General Secretary also talked to Sri. Sunil Kumar, Additional Secretary ,MHRD and reminded him of AIFUCTO demands.

News from the affiliates

Implementation of the revised pay scales in states

The AIFUCTO affiliates of states where the pay scales were not implemented have intensified the agitation program.The Meghalaya govt. has decided to implement the pay scales. The Kerala Govt. has issued the pay revision order. An agreement between the agitating teachers and Bihar govt. has been reached for the implementation of the pay scales in toto. The teachers of Madhya Pradesh achieved a major victory as the MP Govt. decided to implement the pay scales in toto. We expect other states to come out with pay revision order very soon.

Rajasthan-RUCTA Meeting

A well attended extended Executive Committee and unit secretaries meeting of Rajasthan University and College Teachers’ Associations was held in Jaipur,Rajasthan on 21st February,2010.Prof.Mohan Shotriya, a former National Secretary,AIFUCTO was present as special guest.Prof. James Willium,President and Prof.Asok Barman, General Secretary participated in the meeting.Prof.Subhash Garg,General Secretary, RUCTA highlighted the role of AIFUCTO movement in improving the service conditions of teachers over the decades.He assured active participation of RUCTA in all AIFUCTO program.Prof. Garg and other leaders described the activities of the RUCTA and narrated the success of the organisation in getting the new pay scales in time. However, they pointed out some demands are yet to be fulfilled and RUCTA leadership will take all measures for the acceptance of demands.Prof.Shrotriya made a very emotional and powerful presentation and briefly dwelt upon the glorious history of the AIFUCTO movement.Prof.Willium emphasised the role and duty of teachers in the context of changing educational scenario and decalred that AIFUCTO is committed to the cause of inclusive and quality education. Prof. Barman acknowledged the leading role of RUCTA in AIFUCTO movement and encouraged the younger teachers to be more and more involved in strengthening the teachers’ movement, both at the state and national levels.

Congratulations to Prof.Subhas Garg for his appointment as Chairman, Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education.Ajmer.

Seminar and meeting in Gwaliar,Madhya Pradesh

Prof.Asok Barman,General secretary was the inaugural speaker in a Seminar on "Politics & Education: Higher Education in India-Context and Concerns" during March 19-21, 2010. organized by Jiwaji University,Gwaliar.He addressed a handsome gathering of academicians and highlighted the need for a stronger public funded education for inclusive and quality education. He warned that the neo-liberal craze for a market oriented higher education system would not augur well for our country and further intensify the dualistic pattern which is the outcome of the spate of privatization and liberalization policies pursued in last few years.

General Secretary attended a meeting of activists of Gwaliar on 20th March,2010. .The meeting was organized by Prof.D.Kumar,Prsedent,Madhya Pradesh Federation of university and College Teachers.General secretary appraised the members of present of the latest developments and hoped that the ongoing pay scales movement in MP would be crowned with success.He stressed the need for strengthening the teachers’ movement.

West Bengal Govt. College Teachers’ Association

A convention was held on 3rd March,2010 in Sanskrit College campus,kolkata in support of formation of a university comprising all govt. colleges instead of converting Presidency College into a unitary university.The former and present leaders of the Association demanded discussion with the Association before finalization of the proposed changes.Prof.Mrinmoy Bhattacarya,former General Secretary,AIFUCTO and Prof.Asok Barman,GS,AIFUCTO expressed solidarity with the demands of the Association and hoped that the Govt. will hold discussion with the Association immediately.

Mailing list of NEC members

All affiliates are requested to send the names and mailing addresses and E-mail ids of present General Secretaries or Presidents to the office of AIFUCTO for sending circulars and other communications. We find that a number of circulars/letters are being returned every month.

News of meetings, seminars etc.

Please send news of all programs to the office of General Secretary for record and inclusion in the AIFUCTO publications.

Payment of struggle fund and membership

We would request the affiliates to send payment of struggle fund and membership fees. Kindly note that the membership is now Rs.10 (Rs.Ten) per member and Rs.5000 (Rs.Five Thousand) for the federation from the current year.


All circulars and news are published in website. It has been reported that the postal communications taking long time or even failing to reach the destinations. Kindly visit website on a regular basis for latest developments.

NEC meetings

We shall be happy to receive invitations for NEC meetings from those parts of the country where such meetings have not yet taken place. Please note that such meeting are of great importance to strengthen the AIFUCTO movement


Asok Barman,
General Secretary